‘une version 2.0 d’Aereogramme’ – Dans le mur… du son

French language website ‘Dans le mur… du son‘ compare Verse Metrics’ Radians EP to Mogwai, Arab Strap, Aereogramme and Low in it’s review of the 5 tracks. Again, our French isn’t the best and Google translate leaves a lot to be desired in the accuracy stakes for this piece so if anyone out there can get us a better idea of the context, please comment below.

‘Semaphore’ seems to be a favourite.

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Radians reviewed by GoldFlakePaint – ‘mental time signatures’

GoldFlakePaint‘s Dan Carson compares Verse Metrics to We’re Only Afraid of NYC, hints at ‘thrashy guitars’ and ‘mental time signatures’ and suggests that Radians is ‘way too complex for the casual, relaxed listener’… we at versemetrics.com would absolutely agree (and that’s why we like it)

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‘Euphoric at times’ on Netsounds Unsigned

The first feedback on Verse Metrics’ upcoming EP ‘Radians’ has been volunteered by Highlands-based podcast Netsounds Unsigned. ‘Radians’ is described as having a ‘dark, grunge-like quality’ and ‘euphoric at times’ by Jamie MacDonald. Verse Metrics are also featured on the latest podcast.

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Friday Freebies on Ayetunes

Paisley’s finest independent music blogger, Aye Tunes, places Verse Metrics in his Friday Freebies list for Friday 2nd November. In the same post he mentions he’s putting on a gig at The Roxy 171 in Glasgow featuring Easter, Young Philadelphia and LeThug.

VerseMetrics.com saw Easter play in Edinburgh earlier this year and suggest that they make a very agreeable noise. If the other bands and Jim’s taste is anything to go by… then this should be an excellent evening.

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Verse Metrics blogged on Supajam.com

Supajam.com have written a piece on Verse Metrics’ free-to-download single ‘Aches’. They say  “It’s almost stadium sounding, if that stadium was abandoned for ten years and filled with only ghosts”.  If that’s not appropriate for Hallowe’en, I don’t know what is. The full post can be read at the following link:


Thank you Supajam.com!


Verse Metrics compared to Interpol on ‘you sound great’





German language blog ‘you sound great‘ compare Verse Metrics to Interpol and offer a link to the free download track ‘Aches’. Thanks Christoph!


[box]Das neue Solo-Album von Paul Banks mag die hohen Erwartungen nicht ganz erfüllt haben, aber zum Glück gibt es ja noch jede Menge andere Bands, die Interpol nicht ganz unähnlich sind. Verse Metrics zum Beispiel. Das Quartett aus Glasgow veröffentlicht im Dezember seine neue EP “Radians”, vorab gibts mit dem vielversprechenden “Aches” schon mal einen kleinen Vorgeschmack zum kostenlosen Download. [/box]


If anyone wants to offer a translation that’s better than the gibberish that Google translate offers, then please be in touch 🙂


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