PodcArt: Top 5 EP’s of 2012 – “‘Radians’ is full of aural intricacy”

Halina Rifai rates ‘Radians’ by Verse Metrics as her second favourite EP of the year.



[box]Without a doubt one of the bands to get me very excited about 2013 and lift my spirits in the latter half of 2012. I was starting to get a bit nervous about the standard of artists in Scotland on a DIY level, but Verse Metrics are technically brilliant. ‘Radians’ is full of aural intricacy and enough tension to make you realise that when it comes to questioning the dynamic comparison between classical and contemporary music, EPs like this should be used as prime example to fight the corner of modern music.[/box]

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Verse Metrics apologise for not being able to play tonight in Edinburgh. Bob’s got Shingles and has been advised against playing the show tonight by his doctor. You should all still go along and see Fatherson and Comptroller though.

‘Brilliant work’ – Radians reviewed by Polkadot.it

of Polkadot.it says “As soon as I listened to their brilliant work, I felt a kind of nostalgia of American rock, of that sound very much influenced by dragging guitars and hard drums.
When you go through 5-track EP is pretty obvious that this work hides a more complex structure which mirrors their influence of the likes of Death Cab For Cutie, Stapleton, And So I Watch You From Afar, Deftones, Polvo, At The Drive In, American Football, Mogwai

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FREE 24 HOUR STREAM of ‘Radians’ on GoldFlakePaint

Radians, in it’s entirety, is available to stream for a whole 24 hours on GoldFlakePaint! Until 5pm on Tuesday 4th December you can listen to the whole EP by visiting their website. Quote:

[box]Last week we bought your our review of Radians, the new EP from Scottish rocksters Verse Metrics. Within said review we praised the “ expansive, atmospheric five tracks” and declared the EP as “the work of a band that ask for your full and undivided emotional attention.” Well, now you no longer have to take our word for it as we’re very pleased to bring you an exclusive stream of the EP in full here on GFP. It’s only going to be available until 5pm tomorrow, so make the most of it while you can. Alternatively head here, to grab a copy for yourself. We heartily suggest both of these options…[/box]

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Bob writes about his relationship with vinyl for thevinyldistrict.com

VM engine room Bob Dick writes for thevinyldistrict.com about discovering and rediscovering music releases on vinyl.

[box]“Born in ’82, I grew up with cassette tapes and compact discs. I mainly remember playing CDs as somehow, even when I was very young, I knew cassette tapes were rubbish (in the same way we all knew Minidiscs were rubbish when they made their brief interruption into our musical lives). My early memories of vinyl involves only 2 records – Eddie Grant’s “Electric Avenue” and Sex Pistols’ “Something Else.” These were the only vinyl records I was allowed to play when I was younger as they were unwanted Christmas presents passed on to me by my Dad. Unfortunately for my parents, I discovered “Friggin In The Riggin” (the B-side on the Pistols record) and played it incessantly.”[/box]

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