Verse Metrics compared to Interpol on ‘you sound great’





German language blog ‘you sound great‘ compare Verse Metrics to Interpol and offer a link to the free download track ‘Aches’. Thanks Christoph!


[box]Das neue Solo-Album von Paul Banks mag die hohen Erwartungen nicht ganz erfüllt haben, aber zum Glück gibt es ja noch jede Menge andere Bands, die Interpol nicht ganz unähnlich sind. Verse Metrics zum Beispiel. Das Quartett aus Glasgow veröffentlicht im Dezember seine neue EP “Radians”, vorab gibts mit dem vielversprechenden “Aches” schon mal einen kleinen Vorgeschmack zum kostenlosen Download. [/box]


If anyone wants to offer a translation that’s better than the gibberish that Google translate offers, then please be in touch 🙂


Click HERE for the link

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  1. Translation:- The new solo album from Paul banks may not have entirely fulfilled the high expectations, but luckily there are a lot of other bands that are not entirely unlike Interpol. Verses Metrics for example. The quartet from Glasgow releases its new EP “Radians” in December, and a small foretaste in advance is available for free download, the very promising “Aches”.

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