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Ticx review of sold-out New Year Revolution show!

Calum McMillan writing for Ticx says about Verse Metrics that “there’s a whole lot to like if you want your music thought provoking” The review of the sold-out show also sees praise for Nothing Universe, Toy Mountains and Halo Tora as well as the hosts for the evening King Tuts Wah Wah Hut. To read the full review and see photos...

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Studio Photos – December 2015

Photos taken during the recording session at Chem 19 in December 2015.    

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Verse Metrics welcome Kevin O’Hagan

After losing one bassist to Fatherhood… and another to Ice Hockey, Whiskey and Dogs… Verse Metrics are proud to the announce the appointment of lifetime friend Kevin O’Hagan to the apparently cursed role of Verse Metrics’...

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Verse Metrics live at King Tuts!

Delighted to announce that Verse Metrics will be playing with the lovely instrumentalists Mountains Under Oceans at the launch of their latest EP. Tickets are available over at BigCartel for a discounted price:

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Verse Metrics to support The Appleseed Cast!

Verse Metrics are delighted to announce that they are to support The Appleseed Cast at Stereo, Glasgow on Saturday 26th October 2013 More details soon!  

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