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Alt Dialogue – “all the atmospherics, intricacies and emotive hooks you could ask for”

With comparisons to Editors, The National and And So I Watch You From Afar in the opening paragraph; the concise walkthrough of the four tracks of ‘We’ll Be Listening and Remembering Until We’re Old and Unsteady’ seems to be the work of an experienced ear writing for Alt Dialogue. In the latest review to come in, just 2...

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Bob gets Upset and shares some details about the creative process

Free music magazine, Upset, got access to the new music 24 hours early and had a few words (and pictures) with vocalist-guitarist Bob Dick. Bob candidly recounts some of the working titles for the new songs and produces some drawings from friends and family members to illustrate each of the tracks. So if you’ve ever wanted to see a Unicorn...

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Already Heard : 4/5 for “We’ll Be Listening…”

Already Heard’s Luke Nuttall thinks that Verse Metrics are going to make strides into 2017 following a ‘shimmering, immaculately-crafted’ release in ‘We’ll Be Listening and Remembering Until We’re Old and Unsteady’. He awards the EP 4/5 in his detailed review for the credited music blog. In a quote-strewn...

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Birthday Cake for Breakfast: ‘A record that hits you square in the heart’

Ben Forrester reviews the new Verse Metrics EP ‘We’ll Be Listening and Remembering Until We’re Old and Unsteady’ for the incredibly-titled ‘Birthday Cake for Breakfast’ blog. He talks of ‘groove-driven indie rock, complete with expansive post rock tones’ and claims that “‘We’ll Be...

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Destroy//Exist on the ‘dark magnetism’ of Hildegarde

Music, arts and film blog destroy//exist have suggested that Verse Metrics’ “My name is Dr Hildegarde Lanstrom and I Am Quite, Quite Mad” is more than just a long, imaginative title. According to them the song coupled with the video exudes a ‘strange charm’ and ‘post-rocking charisma’. Who are we to...

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