‘The Nightmares’ playlisted by AltDialogue!


The wonderful people over at AltDialogue have featured Verse Metrics’ new single ‘The Nightmares Leave Us All Inoperational’ on their recent playlist ‘Mixtape – Vol 2. Mental Arithmetic’ (or Arithemtic if you prefer the version on the image, which we personally do)

Verse Metrics sit alongside such Colossi Of Intelligent Music(TM) as Jean Jean, A-Tota-So, Poly-Math, Kusanagi, Iran Iran, Town Portal and the superbly named Flies Are Spies From Hell… as well as label brothers/sisters Lost In the Riots, You Break You Buy and Death and The Penguin from Lonely Voyage Records. Too many good bands to name individually!

Needless to say, you should have a look below and ‘Dae It’



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