Punktastic exclusively reveal Verse Metrics new video!

Bob was interviewed by Glen Bushell of Punktastic.com to unveil Verse Metrics new video for the track ‘My Name is Dr Hildegarde Lanstrom and I am Quite, Quite Mad’.

He gives some insights into the inspiration behind the song and how it relates to some of the scenes in the video.

“The shots looked great, but when we went to edit we found that memory card had corrupted, so we had to shoot it again. By this point I’d realised a flare would make much more sense and look more striking, and by chance I managed to source some flares, the last ones in the shop! When we went to do it the weather was mental, the sea was so choppy it kept knocking me over, and the final result just matches the music and the theme perfectly. It was one of those times you have a huge slice of luck, I’m very grateful for it.”


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