Bob writes about his relationship with vinyl for

VM engine room Bob Dick writes for about discovering and rediscovering music releases on vinyl.

[box]“Born in ’82, I grew up with cassette tapes and compact discs. I mainly remember playing CDs as somehow, even when I was very young, I knew cassette tapes were rubbish (in the same way we all knew Minidiscs were rubbish when they made their brief interruption into our musical lives). My early memories of vinyl involves only 2 records – Eddie Grant’s “Electric Avenue” and Sex Pistols’ “Something Else.” These were the only vinyl records I was allowed to play when I was younger as they were unwanted Christmas presents passed on to me by my Dad. Unfortunately for my parents, I discovered “Friggin In The Riggin” (the B-side on the Pistols record) and played it incessantly.”[/box]

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