‘Aches’ featured on Glasgow PodcART

Verse Metrics’ free download single ‘Aches’ has been featured on the Glasgow PodcART blog accompanied by some kind words from Halina Rifai.

[box]‘Aches’ is a taster of what is to come. If this is a taster then I think it is safe to say that this could be the release that shows Scotland what a brilliant new export it has.

It is a huge track, and as an old-school grunge fan I almost hear threads of bands such as Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden interspersed amongst the mathematical rhythms and soaring melodies.

Verse Metrics have the means to tap into the brutal yet intelligent side of music and ‘Aches’ captures the essence of the band. They are well on their way to obtain mainstream acceptance whilst maintaining that firm handshake with the DIY underworld.[/box]

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