‘exquisite musicianship with very little give or room for breath’ – Ravechild review Radians

Chris Kelman reviews Verse Metrics recent Radians EP for Glasgow blog Ravechild….

[box]‘Algorithms’ is built around wave after wave of intense flooding guitars, every stroke that bit more fluorescent with intent.

If ‘Algorithms’ is based on intensifying guitars, then ‘Semaphore’ hones itself off of haunting and seeping vocals.

‘Aches’ bends differently altogether, taking the simmering vocals and hammering them through a wall of blending guitars and bass.

There are small hints of Mogwai to be found on ‘Aches’, a charismatic blend of grandeur and rawness grates together to create something epic and diverse.

It is closing track ‘Logarithms’ that ties up the whole package beautifully.[/box]

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