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“like double-a sides should be, both sides are absolutely brilliant. This is thoughtful, melodic, guitar-driven alternative rock. Both tracks suggest that this is a band with a lot of potential who are going places. Are you paying attention?”Ed Jupp, Is This Music? on Sleep and Wakefulness



“Kind of melodic, mathy alt-rock with hints of Death Cab for Cutie, Stapleton… even some Mogwai in there” “That’s a lovely piece of music. Verse Metrics, Modern Sleep. Modern Rock music with a heart and a soul, I would say”Vic Galloway



“‘VM1’ (4/5) boasts fully wow-some majestic guitar music”The List



“their songs were a treat, offering sharp alternative rock that delivered waves of noise delightfully, and uncoiled in a bruising, jagged manner.”Jonathan Geddes, Herald Scotland



“Glasgow four-piece Verse Metrics only played their first gig in July, but have already released a five-track EP titled VM1 that showcases their versatility within their chosen rock sphere. Lead Track, Tired Lights, you could say, is Twilight Sad meets Mogwai, although it’s a bit more sophisticated than that, a bit more melodic within the repeated phrases and a good bit more fluid with the guitar lines – post-math-rock, maybe? Scottish Rock is in a healthy state at the moment – Biffy Clyro have opened that door wide – so here’s hoping that Tired Lights is the cover of choice for next year’s X Factor Champion.”Alan Morrison, The Sunday Herald



“…the first glimpse of yet another fine Scottish band.”The Scotsman, Under The Radar